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PES15000: Electronic multihead weigher built entirely in stainless steel. Feeding system using two product reception hoppers that constantly feed its 10 independent vibrating channels.

Weighing is carried out by combining the 10 weight containers with load cells incorporated in the product containment hoppers.

Once the weight combination is made, it is deposited by opening the containers in two belts that will lead the product to the central point of the machine, where it will be ready for delivery to the packaging equipment.

Quick extraction weight container, (without tubes or connections)

Typical fresh and frozen food products: Whole fish, fillets, hake slices, battered squid, sticks.
Seafood in general: oysters, prawns, prawns, crayfish, cuttlefish, etc.
Fruit and vegetable products: whole potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, etc.

It is possible to exclude in case of need (cleaning or breakdown) one or more complete weighing groups from the operating cycle, without altering its operation. The operator in charge of its operation must only give the values ​​of the weight of the product to be packaged and the tolerance, which will be memorized up to 50 available programs. Once the programs related to the product have been stored, production can be started by choosing the desired program and pressing the start button.


Video of the machine working:


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