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Product no.: 150800
Platforms with stainless steel structures, with a tubular and robust design and IP-65 protection, a criterion that is shared for all different dimensions. The height adjustable rubber feet support, mounting hardware, the sheath and the support level bubbles are in stainless steel AISI 304. The load cells are homologated aluminum 3000 divisions. Along with a Weigma viewer can be served with EC Declaration of Conformity; 3m cable (Except dimension of 400 x 400 will be 2m long), more hose 6 mass yarns aluminum shielding. It is protected against static overload by a central buffer cell and 4 bumpers on the corners that allow withstand overload of 100% of the maximum capacity. 800x800 platforms do not have central buffer cell, since the cells are fixed laterally. Up to 600x600 mm platforms can work desktop to standard weighing, +/- control counting manual labeling, packaging, etc., production, input and output material to inventory, order preparation, etc. 800x800 mm platforms can also work desktop, but for its weight, size and capabilities usually installed overground and thus offer an economical alternative to platforms 4 cells. Connected to the appropriate viewer can be performed covered by the certificate of Approval CE Model T5413 combinations.
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