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Product no.: 5774


Bag perforator system in the area prior to forming and forming the bag. Built entirely in Stainless Steel. The support adapts to different coil formats. This system is much more effective and reliable than the needles introduced in the area of ​​the jaws.

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Product no.: 11002
Exit tape to remove packaged products from vertical packers.
Power: 0'04KW Power supply: 380 VAC 50Hz
Production: 30 meters / min Height: 1000 meters (on request)
Tape: Modular PP food Control core: electronic control
Termination: stainless steel
Dimensions: 1600 (long) x 380 (width) x 1000 (high)
Machine weight: 120 Kg
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Product no.: 14650
Rotary rotary tables are mainly used to receive and collect the bags or packaging from the packaging equipment. Manufactured from the 304 stainless steel type, this tables is an economical solution for the handling of the containers along the production chain. It has a diameter of 1200 mm. It has rotating wheels for easy mobility.
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Product no.: 26418

VIBRANT FEEDER: they can be combined with inclined, vertical and zeta conveyors.
Chargers motorized vibrant: for light or viscous products.

model FV100

- Power: 0.5 kW. (ELECTRONIC CONTROL POWER 0 A 500W)

- Capacity: 100 liters


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