The product to be weighed is deposited in the machine's inlet hopper, where it is stored and distributed to the vibrating feeding channels.
There is a first vibrating channel, called access, through which the product advances to achieve a uniform flow and, therefore, a subsequent uniform filling of the weighing container (essential for the correct operation of the machine).
Next, it advances in parallel through two channels, one with a greater capacity that will control the so-called coarse filling, and the other, with a smaller capacity, will control the fine filling.
These two channels discharge into the weighing container, and have respective closing hatches, whose mission is to close the discharge points of the channels to achieve a controlled cessation of filling of the weighing container.
The container, then, is first filled with the coarse and fine channels working at the same time, up to a value, called coarse stop, in which the hatch of the coarse vibrating channel closes, and only the fine channel remains, which it will work up to a second value, called fine stop, always greater than or equal to the first. At this value, the flap of the fine channel will also close and all the vibrating channels will stop, while the weigher will give a signal to the outside to indicate that it has a weight ready to be unloaded.
The machine will wait for an external order that tells it to unload the quantity it has weighed. When it receives this signal, it will open the weighing container, dropping all the product inside. The container will remain open for a preselected time and then it will close again, being ready to be filled again and starting another work cycle.

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