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Product no.: 15858

PES09400: WEIGHER VPV2 (10 gr. To 2,5 Kg.)

Weigher designed especially for regular products maximum length 55 mm. with cadences that can reach up to 18 downloads per line. All the elements of the weigher are manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL. With a precision of one more piece in the weighing.


Function description:

The weigher is composed of a reception hopper of 20 liters per line, equipped with a vibrator of great amplitude, is responsible for feeding a cascade line that is just at the entrance of the container of weight, a division of the product is made in two different flow rates, "Pre-dose" and "Tuned", by means of two independent and parallel vibrating channels. The closing flaps of the channels avoid any possible detachment of product once the weighing has been carried out.

The correct regulation of the flow levels of the channels is carried out by means of direct detection cells adjustable in height.

The rapid extraction weight container is controlled by load cell, with a weight tolerance of + -0.2 grams and has automatic programmable auto tare of the container according to product characteristics.


Control system by touch screen, with a memory of 50 programs. All the possible adjustments of the machine can be made from a single screen, just by clicking on the corresponding box and automatically remain stored in your current work program. A single screen can control four different weighers. With a single cable the screen gets control of the machine, this facilitates the location of the same. Possibility of obtaining all production data through a printer. Automatic control system for possible breakdowns.

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Product no.: 24526
The weight range of the multihead is from 25 g to 2.5 kg.
· The multi-head weigher is designed for products with a maximum length of 150 mm.
The multihead can reach 80 to 90 cycles (heavy) per minute. It is made of stainless steel, with a capacity of 2.5 liters in each container.

· The accuracy of the weigher is ± 1 gr. of the product.


The product falls into the central reception hopper and advances to the vibration channels, mounted in a circular manner, transporting the product in exact doses to the containers
of pre-load, from where later, they will supply product to the 12 weighing containers.
By the system weights associated will obtain, by means of the combination of containers, the exact dosage of product.
Finally it will be unloaded and driven by the drop hoppers, to the central point of the machine.
All parts of the multihead are removable for easy cleaning.
· A touch screen control system allows a very didactic variation of any adjustment of the machine and the changes made to it are stored in the work program of the machine.
· It allows the creation of 50 different programs. All the adjustments of the multihead can be made from this single screen.
· Graphic icons at all times facilitate your programming

Easy cleaning: direct cleaning with water. Easy disassembly of hoppers, containers and channels without using tools.
Dosage by counting for homogeneous products.
Programmed stepped discharge function to avoid blockage.
Automatic tare to improve the weighing.
Opening of hoppers by stepper motors
IP65 protection, water resistant.
Adapted to the characteristics of the product.
Modular control system, which provides more stability
and low maintenance levels.

Non-stick system: The channels, containers and hoppers made of stainless steel sheet prevent the adherence of the product and facilitate the movement of the product from the hopper to the bowl of weight and cleaning them.

Elevator: The elevator. transports the product from the point of discharge to the hopper.
Elevator control system: This cell controls whether the hopper is full or empty, in case it is empty it connects the elevator to fill it and if it is full it stops.
Printer: The printer facilitates the printing of any production information of the weigher.
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