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Fully designed for all types of environments, especially with a high degree of humidity.

All its elements are made of Stainless Steel, allowing cleaning with pressurized water.

Description of Multihead:
The weight range of the multihead is 25 gr. to 2.5 kg.
· The multihead weigher is designed for products with a maximum length of 150 mm.
The multihead works between 110 to 150 cycles (heavy) per minute, with a capacity of 2.5 liters in each container.

· The precision of the weigher is ± 1 gr.

Weigher Operation:
The product falls into the central reception hopper and advances to the vibration channels, mounted in a circular way, transporting the product in exact doses to the pre-loading containers, from where later, they will supply product to the 18 weighing containers.
By means of the associated weights system, the exact dosage of product will be obtained through the combination of containers (511 +511 possible combinations).
Finally, it will be unloaded and led through the drop hoppers, to the central point of the machine where normally an accumulator container will always have a discharge ready to deliver it to the corresponding container immediately when its filling cycle corresponds.
All parts of the multihead are removable for easy cleaning.
· A touch screen control system allows in a very educational way to vary any setting of the machine and the changes made to it are saved in the machine's work program.
· It allows the creation of 50 different programs. All multi-head adjustments can be made from this single screen.
Graphic icons at all times make it easy for us to program

Easy cleaning: direct cleaning with water. Easy disassembly of hoppers, containers and channels without the need for tools.

The channels made of tear-stained stainless steel sheet prevent product adherence and facilitate the product's path from the hopper to the weighing bowl and their cleaning. Counting dosing for homogeneous products. Staggered discharge programmed function to avoid blockage. Automatic tare to improve weighing. Hoppers opening by stepper motors IP65 protection, waterproof. Adapted to the characteristics of the product. Modular control system, which provides more stability and low maintenance levels.

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